venation patterns

x93mau at WMICH.EDU x93mau at WMICH.EDU
Wed Sep 17 22:20:45 EST 1997

I have a question...I am interested in finding out more about venation 
patterns in plants.  I was hiking in Killarney Provincial Park this 
summer and noticed that many of the smaller plants in the forests seemed 
to favor parallel venation.  I can't seem to find any information on 
this topic.  
I know that this area has been hit hard with a lot of acid rain, very 
few of the nearby lakes support any sort of life.  Is it possible there 
is any sort of connection?  
Has venation been looked at before?  Where can I go for info?  I am 
starting my masters' in Geography and just completed a BS in Biology.  I 
am looking into this as a prospective thesis topic....any advice?

Thank you so much,
Theresa Mau
Western Michigan University
x93mau at

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