Tomato disease

Prof. R.P. Sharma rpssl at UOHYD.ERNET.IN
Fri Sep 19 07:29:20 EST 1997

I need  advice on controlling some disease on tomato plants, which we
are currently experincing in the pots and the soil-grown plants. The
symptoms are
-Extendable small brown to black spots
-In younger leaves it is more severe and rapid in its expansion
-The younger leaves show wilting, and then with full expansion of the
spots, they look like burnt leaves
-flowering and growth stops;  flowers get aborted
-After two weeks, the immature plants show no development, no new leaves
emerge .
-In some plants it is associated with yellowing of leaves which  fall
down after sometime.

 I shall be thankful if someone could suggest the appropriate treatment
or chemical to overcome this problem.

RP Sharma

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