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Fri Sep 19 16:00:40 EST 1997

Stop Spam wrote:
> I bought this plant and put it with my ornamental grasses. The kid at
> the store told me it would grow to 4-5 feet and was suitable year-round
> with my climate (zone5). It is currently 2 ft. with a thick tapered base
> (bark resembles casing on dried salami) and  long green leaves cascading
> from the top. The only "hit" I got on this from an AltaVista search was
> about an avocado tree with this name.

I usually don't jump in knowing that I will be unhelpful,  but this
might be of some 
general interest.   The name guatamalensis also sounds to me like a
species name.  I checked a file we maintain here and found NO species
named guatamalensis, but there
are  11 different genera with a species within it named guatamalensis. 
These are
Linum, Erythroxylum, Oreopanax, Phillipsia, Malouteia, Anaxagorea,
Croton, Coemansia,
Rinorea, Mollinedia, Juglans.  Perhaps some knowledgable botanists can
eliminate some
of these from consideration.  By the way, avocado is Persea americana
Tom McCloud   SAIC/Frederick Cancer Research

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