Hi neighbor! Can I borrow a cup of info on grass?

Sat Sep 20 19:20:53 EST 1997

I finally have my own house. Hurray!  I want to make it better, both
asthetically and functionally.  There are patches of dirt in my lawn, as
well as bare spots under trees and around my roofing.  I would really
appreciate some advice on the best type of grass that's suitable for what I

What I want is a hardy grass that can take a lot of abuse from children and
dogs.  It has to be able to breed like crazy.  It has to be able to grow
well in areas where the sun doesn't always shine. I'm not fussy on just
what kind of grass it is, as long as it's green and is safe for the same
kids and dogs mentioned above.  It needs to be available at the local
nursery at a relatively inexpensive price.  Actually I'd like a dandelion
version of grass, if such a thing exists: a pest that never seems to go
away no matter what abuse you heap on it.

Thanks in advance for helping this poor ignoramus

Jeffrey Myers

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