Nerd homeowner needs help on fruitplants

counides,n beefalo at
Sun Sep 21 17:34:20 EST 1997

> Hi!
> As a new homeowner, I'm at a loss as to why my next door neighbor spends so
> much time, energy, and money on weak, unhardy plants-flowers and woodchips.
>  It would seem to me that if I planted something that yielded edible food,
> it would make yards much more practical and functional, and dare I say it?
> Esthetically pleasing.
> Then a thought occured to me. (Ow do those thoughts hurt) What is the
> downside to having plants that have edible flowering parts?  Is there a
> downside?  Saving money on food and haivng a cool looking lawn is a
> powerful one-two punch in my eyes.
> Is there a drawback?  What are the best fruits to plant? (I live in Grand
> Rapids Mi) Any and all advice would be much appreciated. (It'll also keep
> my wife from spending all our budgeted money on her goofy plants)

Careful, there are many catalogs out there devoted to edible
landscaping.  Even ordinary vegetable sources may mention ornamental
atributes.  For instance chard with red ribs, the lovely purple tinged
eggplant, the curley leaves of kale, etc.  Then the nursery catalogs
will discuss the ornamental aspect of filberts, dwarf fruit trees,
various berry bushes.  You will be persuaded to line your walks with
Tristar strawberries and plant blueberries instead of azaleas.  You are
on the edge of a slippery slope.

Naomi Counides
Associated Beefalo of Idaho

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