Hi neighbor! Can I borrow a cup of info on grass?

Jan Lewis slither at worldnet.att.net
Sat Sep 20 22:54:23 EST 1997

> Thanks in advance for helping this poor ignoramus
Since this group is international, you could be anywhere 
in the world!!  You didn't tell us where you are or
what USDA zone you're in.

I'd recommend you call a local nursery
and ask them. They will know best what grows in your area.
It also depends on your soil type.

I've used books that claim certain plants will do well in
the zone I live in but find that the local nurseries tell
me that the books are wrong because of one reason or

Another idea is to walk around your neighborhood, find a
lawn that looks like what you want, and ask the owners. 
Also a good way to get to know your neighbors. We just got
a new house ourselves and our neighbors LOVED giving us
gardening advice once they knew we were receptive to it.

Good luck!  Lawns can be a pain in the ***. I'm replacing
patches of it with chamomile, myself, but I have neither
kids or dogs.

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