Plant Cell Diagram

G Buffett g.buffett at
Mon Sep 22 19:20:01 EST 1997

In answer to your question, what is the main difference between plant 
cells and animal cells. You seem to be a little confused.

Firstly, whilst plant cell do have chloroplasts not all plant cells have 
them, for example what use would chloroplasts be to a root cell?

The main difference between mammalian and plant cells is that plant cells 
have a rigid cell wall.

Secondly, ribosomes are small structures in comparison to the major 
structures of a plant cell, such as vacoules, peroxisomes, ER and the 
nucleus. So the fact that they don't appear in a botany textbook doesn't 
mean that ribosomes don't exist. Any good plant biology text would be 
able to provide you a diagram of a plant cell.

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