oak tree germination?

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At 5:39 PM -0400 9/24/97, binaryboy at intouch.bc.ca wrote:
>what are the chances of me germinating an oak tree from an acorn from
>an oak tree down the street? at what period during the acorn's
>development would be best for planting? does it have to experience
>cold before it will start to grow? how wet? fertilizers? ETC???
>		aram <binaryboy at intouch.bc.ca>


The chances are excellent.  First wait until the acorns are
falling naturally.  Then select fallen acorns that you examine
closely for small holes (where insects and others oviposit) to
help avoid having parasitized acorns.  Then plant these about
one-inch below the surface of some well-prepared soil.  I think
the seeds will likely need a cold treatment if they come from
trees in Canada (bc.ca means north temperate zone).  You will
want to protect your planted acorns from squirrel damage.
Place a few moth balls (paradichlorobenzene) on the soil over
the acorns, and then lay a large square of hardware cloth
(looks like very coarse screening) over the spot and hold it
down with some rocks.

When you start seeing signs of sprouting next spring, remove
the hardware cloth but leave the moth balls there...maybe add
some more.  After the seedlings have several leaves, the
squirrels will probably leave them alone.


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