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>Would you mind if I forward this post to the botany list I'm on?  Some are
>going into mourning on the loss of The Plant Tracker, it was wonderful.

Sure. However, this is a better way to tell them:
The original is available here:

The plant tracker is temporarily without a home, as stated on this page: :

  The Online Version was made avaliable at a different site by our good friend
  Lee Flier unfortunatly the service provider had to pull it because it was
  being too heavily used. Send us an email and I'll let you know when its 
  online again. If you happen to be a ISP with a fast PC (or anything else) 
  and would like to host it send us an email and you'll make a lot of online
  gardeners very happy. it'll be up again, only there's no saying when.


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