oak tree germination?

Kellie_Bonnici kbonnici at ivory.trentu.ca
Fri Sep 26 20:38:02 EST 1997

In article <l03020908b0519dab62fe@[]>, koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU (Ross Koning) writes:

>The strong odor released overpowers the squirrel's
>(and DOGS!) sense of smell, so that they avoid digging
>there.  In fact they avoid the whole area.  The moth
>balls last a fair amount of time even in hot summer
>months.  By laying a few around on the soil surface
>of bulb and nut plantings, I find I get 0% squirrel and
>dog damage.  

I don't mean to get into an organic vs. chem debate here, but I once read that
cats (and perhaps other animals as well) can experience liver damage just from
inhaling the smell of moth balls. Now this source wasn't necessarily the
greatest, but have you heard anything about that, and could it be a concern
from you POV?
--snippity snip---

>my urban setting, planting nuts and bulbs was really out
>of the question because of dogs and squirrels.

--snip snip--

Do you find that they'll dig em up at any time of year, or particularly in the
fall? I was working on the assumption that they (squirrels) only do it in the
fall in what I assumed to be their main gathering time, but this train of
thought was abruptly curtailed after 3 raised beds of acorns were ravished! All
because I hadn't gotten around to building the screen frame for the beds...


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