oak tree germination?

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At 9:38 PM -0400 9/26/97, Kellie_Bonnici wrote:
>I don't mean to get into an organic vs. chem debate here, but I once read t=
>cats (and perhaps other animals as well) can experience liver damage just f=
>inhaling the smell of moth balls. Now this source wasn't necessarily the
>greatest, but have you heard anything about that, and could it be a concern
>from you POV?

Our cat hasn't shown any difficulties in several years
of use...but he gives the beds a wide berth...just what
I wanted.  I wish Grandma had a cat...her apartment is
mothball heaven because she thinks everything is wool
and needs them...alas her apartment does not allow pets,
so I can't give you any more assurance than this anecdotal
evidence from our own cat (n=3D1 =3D lousy sample size!).

>Do you find that they'll dig em up at any time of year, or particularly in =
>fall? I was working on the assumption that they (squirrels) only do it in t=
>fall in what I assumed to be their main gathering time, but this train of
>thought was abruptly curtailed after 3 raised beds of acorns were
>ravished! All
>because I hadn't gotten around to building the screen frame for the beds...

I think squirrels do the fall and spring routine...their
digging tapers off in summer as other food sources
become available.  Dogs on the other hand were a year-round
problem...even some mild winters!  Now I don't have trouble
from either one.


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