How do I trim leaves/branches off of Codiaum?

Kevin Paul Heider Remove NOSPAM when replying kheider at
Tue Sep 30 00:25:47 EST 1997

I have an 11" Codiaum that is growing new leaves.  Back in March it
lost ALL of it's leaves because the soil became to dry and the ants
moved in to make a home of the pot.

Now the leaves are going back.  The only problem is that the leaves
are all growing at the top and bottom of the plant.  In otherwords,
all the leaves are coming off one branch at the top and one branch at
the bottom of the plant.

Should I trim these branches to simulate grow off of the stem?

If I trim the branches, should I use wire cutters, scissors, or go buy
a special tool for trimming house plants?  Cost is no concern.

-- Kevin Heider   (kheider at

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