dogwood blight in GA

Dennis G. dennis_goos... at
Tue Sep 30 19:34:10 EST 1997

d_micro at L Roginsky ) wrote:

>Since last summer most of my dogwoods wilted and died, limbs at a time.
>Does anyone know what can be done to prevent a similar blight that
>destroyed all American Walnut trees in this region? You may wish to
>respond on email...thanks, Mike Roginsky.

Would that be the infamous anthracnose ?

I believe there are varieties that have greater resistance. 

We usually select Cornus X"Eddie White Wonder" a cross between C.florida and C.
nuttali that was developed locally . It does get some leaf damage but seems to
survive very well in our area. (Vancouver,BC.)
I notice the latest American Nurseryman has a feature on Cornus but I've only
had time to read the cover so far. 


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