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Martin Goodson wrote:

> hello all,
> I've heard that PCR on plant genomic DNA has specific diffulties not
> encountered with the DNA of other organisms. Do you know anything
> about this
> or other problems in the molecular biology of plants (Reverse
> transcription
> etc.)?
> martin goodson

 I have had some problems amplifying DNA from sediments with high
organic (plant) matter.  The problem I have found out is due to residual
humic acids present in the final DNA prep.  I think this tends to be the
major problem with amplifying DNA extracted from plant matter as well.
If you follow a protocol that removes the humic acids, you should have
no problem.  Here are a couple of references, I hope you find them

Tebbe, C.C. Vahjen, W.(1993) Interference of humic aciods and DNA
extracted directly from soil in detection and transformation of
recombinant DNA from bacteria and yeast. App. & Env. Microbiology

Tsai, Y-L, Olson, B.H. (1992) Rapid method for separation of bacterial
DNA from humic substances in sediments for polymerase chain reaction.
App. & Env. Microbiology 58(7):2292-2295

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