Bioremediation citation

Jonathan D. Sweet sweet006 at
Sat Aug 1 00:08:19 EST 1998

I am looking for an author of a small-scale project back perhaps ten or more
years ago in, I believe, Massachusetts, in sewage bioremediation. The project
apparently has since attracted various cities and now is used to process
sewage into potable water for the entire populus of these cities. I first saw
this scientist in a television special (NOVA or PBS, etc.), a documentary of a
few different kinds of self-sufficient energy reprocessors, including, if my
memory serves me correctly (which it probably doesn't), wind generation, sun
panels, etc. I remember this scientist as being protrayed as a bit of a
pariah, as being black-haired (at the time) and not looking unlike a more
well-fed version of Dudley Moore (much more serious, obviously).

In the documentary, the bioremediation process seemed to be housed in a single
building (an air-supported roof?) and sewage moved through a series of large
holding "columns" of transparent plastic and also through bogs of cattails and
other filtering botanical species. 

If anyone remembers this special or the person of whom I am speaking, please
email me directly. Pardon the cross-posting and thanks to all in advance.


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