Fire Damaged Tree Questions

Chuck Cutler ecsi at
Sun Aug 2 06:06:40 EST 1998

I live in one of the areas where the wildfires hit a few weeks ago.  I 
live on 5 acres of forest, and most of the trees (mostly pines) are fire 
damaged.  The local "pulpwood" tree butchers are trying to convince me to 
cut everything like my neighbors, but I hate to do it if any of them have 
a chance to make it.  Most of the trees are burned 10-20 feet up, and 
appear to still be green at the top.  Some have sap coming out of the 
tree, others don't.  What are the chances that a tree with some fire 
damage can re-grow it's bark, and if they are still alive, will the bugs 
get in and kill them anyway?

I hate to cut everything and turn this once beautiful tract into a field 
- I'd just as soon sell it than live on it under those circumstances.

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