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The crystals are called Soil Moist and I buy it at Home Depot and also at
Woolworth's Garden Center.

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> Paul Shenefelt (paul.shenefelt at wrote:
> : Today I saw a vase with a beautiful root cutting in it. The media it was
> : in was jello like and very interesting. I asked the owner where it came
> : from and they could not remember. They said it started out as a crystal
> : type powder. When you added water it jelled to hold the cutting. It
> : lasts a very long time and only needs water about once a month.
> :
> : Does anyone know what this stuff is and where to get it??
> You're local nursery can probably help you. They also use it for putting
> in the soil. Its a fine powder, and it can be dug into soil and
> thoroughly mixed. THe idea being that you can increase the soils water
> holding capacity.
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