Why are the trees losing their leaves?

Chris Odt chriso at dfrc.wisc.edu
Mon Aug 3 12:08:37 EST 1998

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bubsywub at pop.mindspring.com (Bob Grabowski) wrote:

> Greetings:
> I live in the boro of Queens in New York City and for the past several
> years, I bikeride regularly each evening.  Over the past month,  I
> have noticed several trees in the area (as well as in Brooklyn, Long
> Island, and Northern NJ) whose leaves are changing color and falling
> off. It's far too early for fall foliage, yet people are outside with
> their rakes putting the leaves into piles.  I'm a little concerned
> about why this early change of color is happening. Anyone have any
> ideas or ideas about who I might contact?
> Thanks,
> Bob

How about Fire Blight?  My trees have it......it was described to me as my
trees having the "flu".  Its a problem, but most likely, not deadly. 
Won't know for sure until next year, though.  Blame it on El Nino's weird
weather patterns............Chris

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