Epithet correction for Pinus szemaoensis?

dd dd at gondwana.org
Tue Aug 4 16:29:02 EST 1998


I have germinated seedlings of a pinus species/subspecies which was
identified at the time by Chinese sources as "Pinus szemaoensis"

Not finding such an entry in any of my texts, I've been asking around and
a friend has suggested that this might be Pinus yunnanensis var

Can anyone confirm this? Is there any other species which has szemaoensis
as a subspecific epithet? Might szemaoensis be a specific epithet? My
goad, in addition to properly identify this plant, is also to gain
information on cultural and vegetative habits.

I would be very grateful if anyone could respond (a "cc" via email to my
attention at: dd at gondwana.org would also be appreciated, as my ISP has had
newsgroup server problems in the recent past and I have lost several days
worth of usenet feed).

Thanks in advance!!

David Deutsch

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