HELLLLLLLP! Swiss cheese Phil!!

Monique Reed monique at bio.tamu.edu
Wed Aug 5 08:53:26 EST 1998

Sounds like root rot.  Are you sure you're not OVERwatering it?  More plants 
are killed by kindness than by neglect.

M. Reed

>Date: 5 Aug 1998 02:24:20 GMT

>I am not a regular to this group. I was however, hoping to come to you for some
>solutions to my swiss cheese Philodendron problem.
>First off, my poor new bushy baby was exposed to +100 degree heat for about an
>hour in my car when my battery died.  Then I brought him home plucked off the
>cooked leaves  and watered him.
>Over the next couple weeks I picked off dead and dying leaves and watered and
>talked to him as I should have :)
>Well for about 3 weeks he seemed to be doing  really well --but now suddenly
>the leaves are dull and turning brown--the centers as well as the tips and
>edges.  There are new buds emerging at the ends of the vines --but he just
>looks so unhealthy/unhappy.

>Could someone please email me  and  post to the group (in case anyone else ha
>my woes) with some possible solutions to my problem with Phil? 
>I thank you soooooo much in advance.
>And Phil thanks you too.
>Linda in colorado
>Lndh777 at aol.com
>Your not believing in HIM  doesn't change that HE IS.
>Lndh777 in Colorado


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