Old oak grove in trouble, need help

Scott Geerds geerds at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 8 15:53:25 EST 1998

In article <35CB7938.15DEA54B at earthlink.net>, "Mike S. in FL"
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sounds like spider mites....


> We've go an old oak grove with trees that seem to be infested with some
> strange tiny spider looking things. They're nearly microscopic (about .5
> to .75 mm) and are shrouding these old oaks with what looked at first
> like some kind of mold but now it appears to be webs of some kind.  It
> surrounds the tree trunk completely but they don't seem to have reached
> the tops yet. The trees are about 40-70 ft tall and the little buggers
> haven't made it to the top. YET.  
> Does anyone have any idea what these could be?  (also, they're slightly
> orange-red in color) If you know what they might be, do you know of a
> safe disposal method - or if they need to be controlled.  One tree after
> another seems to be getting targeted.  Please keep in mind that there
> are horses loose in the area also.
> Thanks much,
> Mike Smith in FL.
> (oh yes, did I also mention we're in N. Central Florida?  in case it
> makes a difference)

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