Help-Repair broken tree branch

Luc Gendreau gendrelu at
Tue Aug 11 13:27:31 EST 1998

Mark F <mfalco at> wrote
<swjz1.111$8e5.463560 at>...
> We had a large branch partially break off one of our deciduous trees... 
Is there anything we can do to >revive and save this branch (the leaves
have started dying)?

The fact that the branch was only partially broken off means probably means
that some of the vessels bringing it sap are still continuous, so unless
they are crushed beyond repair, the branch should continue receiving water
and nutrients. So there is hope. The leaves are probably dying because they
are no longer receiving ENOUGH water. The solution here is to remove some,
if not most of the leaves on the brach so that what little sap gets through
will be enough for the remaining leaves.

On the other hand, trying to save the branch may not be such a good idea.
Even if the wound heals, it will remain weaker and might break of in a wind
storm or some other bad weather (is your home insurance all paid up?). And
you may have to leave the rope and splint in place to compensate for this
permanent weakness. And if that wasn't enough, chances are good that the
wound won't heal properly and will lead to dry rot (like gangrene to a
tree) and you will lose the patient. I know its painfull to have to
contemplate amputating a loved one, but you know, sometimes you need to
amputate a hand to save an arm.

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