medical voluneers needed for trip to peru

Larry Swindle lswindle at
Thu Aug 13 06:59:57 EST 1998

stewie wrote in message ...
>If you¹re inspired to do something for humanity, come join the Rainforest
>Health Project on an unforgettable adventure into the heart of the Amazon
>jungle. RHP needs medical volunteers ­ doctors, nurses, dentists ­ and
>non-medical volunteers to help treat Indian villagers in north-eastern
>Working in bamboo hut clinics, you can help ensure that hundreds of
>indigenous people ­ many of whom have no other access to health care ­
>continue to receive desperately needed medical attention.
>Expeditions are two weeks long and depart four times a year from Miami,
>Florida. Only the serious need apply, as each volunteer must pay his or her
>own travel expenses, or find a sponsor. Currently, trip expenses run $2,395
>not including airfare from your home city to Iquitos, Peru. Also, there is
>a $100 tax in Peru. There is information on the web site about raising
>funds to finance your trip.
>RHP is a registered non-profit organization based in Minnesota. It has been
>taking teams to the Peruvian Amazon since 1993. Can¹t make a trip but still
>want to help? RHP also urgently needs drugs, medical equipment, and, of
>course, that elusive thing called cash! All donations are tax-deductible.
>Our web site has articles, slide shows, and lots of information that will
>help you see what a trip is like. Please check out the web site at:
>If you don't have web access, please contact: 1-800-870-8325

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