Will sugar contanimate my fertilizer?

Gene Newcomb newcombg at bcc.orst.edu
Fri Aug 14 12:21:23 EST 1998

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FoundationsTraining at worldnet.att.net says...
>I have a cubic yard of fertilizer consisting of compost fertilizer, and
>ammonium sulfate, and about 50 lbs. of sugar was dumped in it.
>How will this new ingredient affect the plants or yard grass?
>Or will it?
>Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

One of the garden gurus uses sugar in his lawn feeding program in the 
form of Pepsi, Coca Cola or some such. Presumably the real question is 
how thickly are you going to spread the mix. If you are spreading it so 
that there is only an ounce or two per square yard, I can't imagine that 
it would hurt anything. On the other hand a pound per sq. yd. might do 
some damage because of the osmotic potential of the resulting sugar 
solution. Make a small test some place that you can tolerate a bit of 
burned herbage.

This is not an expert opinion.

newcombg at bcc.orst.edu

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