Arum Maculatum (Lords-and-Ladies) propogation?

Beverly Erlebacher bae at
Fri Aug 14 15:47:54 EST 1998

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KDBANGLIA <kdbanglia at> wrote:
>Does anyone know the right conditions for the propogation of Arum Maculatum in
>the U.K?
>I have gleaned the ripened berries after obtaining full permission from Richard
>Tombs of the Gloucestershire County Council and I would like to re-introduce
>these plants as part of a program I am undertaking for various authorities.
>It does not matter if it takes several years for the plants to reach maturity
>but if anyone can give me information for the right conditions then I would
>appreciate it very much.

I haven't propagated this species but have grown some other temperate
climate woodland aroids from seed, mostly Arisaema.  It may help not to
let the seed dry out, but to plant it immediately in leaf mold or a high
organic content potting soil.  Arisaema needs cold treatment, so perhaps
Arum does as well.  You can either put the pot in a plastic bag in your
refrigerator, or bury it to the rim in a shaded place in the garden, perhaps
with some screening to keep rodents out.  The seeds will germinate in the
spring or early summer, possibly over a period of several years.  THe ones
in the fridge may germinate sooner, which may or may not be an advantage.

There is a mailing list for fans of the Araceae, I think it is called
Aroid-L.  Try searching the web for Araceae, Arum, aroid, etc, and you
will likely find plenty of info on A.maculatum.

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