Animation of Trees, Bush, Flower, Underwater Plants, etc.

Peter Zuo zuo at
Wed Aug 19 18:07:28 EST 1998

Growth patterns, textures, wind direction, twig flexibility, and many many
other factors can be manipulated with the Visviva Animation Engine (VAE)'s
Branch System to simulate the beauty of nature, from real to surreal.

Visit for an example of a willow tree dancing in the

The branches of the tree are specified in a hierarchy that resembles
a tree's natural structure.The system then creates thousands of branches
to reconstruct the beauty of nature. More than 50 intuitive parameters
are used to control the final rendering, such as branch curve, split and
growing pattern, flexibility, attraction, texture, roots, bulge,
and deviation. 

Any hierarchical objects may be created, from real trees, bushes,
grass, flowers, and underwater plants to fantastic structures out of
your wildest dreams. 

VAE has an object-oriented language --ScriptV. You can use it to
change the direction and strength of the wind (attraction), the process
of the growth,  and many other factors to control the shape of the
final rendering. Then you capture these animated pictures into
movie or frame-based animations. Real-time animation in the VAE
is also applicable to simple objects.

You can pick up a leaf, a piece of bark, flower or fruit from your
garden and convey the images to the Branch System to describe
exactly the type of plant you want.

Or you can create fantastic elements using 3D modeling, vector graphics,
and other powerful features provided in VAE for your surreal plants.

VAE is available free for download. (The Branch System will be
available for the formal release of VAE in October).

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