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Tue Aug 18 18:20:47 EST 1998

Una Smith wrote:

> Timber Press (a US publisher) has a book on moss gardens, that you might
> find useful.
> There's not all that much to it.  The two main ways of "planting" moss
> are to transplant patches of moss from one place where it is abundant
> in your garden to another location.  Spread the patches out and wait a
> few years for them to grow together.  The other method is to make a
> slurry in a bucket out of some patches of moss, rich mud, and water,
> then dribble or splash the slurry over the area where you want to have
> moss.  Then wait a year or two.
> Good habitat for moss is cool, moist, with relatively sterile, sandy,
> acidic soil and a shallow (1/4 inch) surface layer of rich soil (e.g.,
> compost).
> My own moss garden, now several hundred feet in area, is a smooth,
> shady lawn of moss on either side of a rough fieldstone path, with
> scattered clumps of violets and ferns.  The area used to be normal
> lawn, but the grass never did will there, so a year ago I started to
> pull out the grass in favor of moss.  This year, I have pulled some
> remaining clumps of mature grass, but most of my weeding consists of
> picking out seedling.

David Roberts-Jones

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