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It may  be yucca, but also may be a thing called Spanish Bayonet.  Is it
a single low plant that has a "crown" of sharp tipped narrow leaves, or
is it a long stem with a crown of shart tipped narrow leaves?  Both
sprout from roots, but the Spanish Bayonet is more agressive.  Cut the
stem at ground level and treat with one of the commercial herbicide.

thinkbig wrote:
> I need HELP!!
> I have what I've been told are called "YUKKA" plants, not sure of proper
> spelling... They look like something that should grow in the desert,
> however in New England they're not for me... I need to know how to get RID
> of them... I've dug them up twice, but they come back months later, the
> roots live forever!!!
> I have a small yard and these things are taking over!!
> please email me back at t4dodge at since I do not frequent
> newsgroups often...

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