Ragwort again

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Sat Aug 22 05:25:22 EST 1998

Stephen Reynolds <stephen at wandlebury.demon.co.uk> wrote:

>>Quite so. Herbicides as a method of Ragwort control are not really
>acceptable as they are not selective. The best (though time consuming
>and tedious) is to pull them up by the roots.

I always thought so ( and have spent many hours doing so) but on
reading the MAFF research report
(http://www.maff.gov.uk/environ/EPDNEWS3/WILDMAN.HTM) indicated by
David Brear above I found the following:

Hand-pulling ineffective and may actually worsen situation. 
Most effective pesticides were 2,4D and Grazon 90 but significant
adverse effects on non-target species."

Oh dear! I must admit that I had heard this before, but never really
believed it. 

So, 'sorry' to all those volunteers who I have asked to pull ragwort
for all those years. 

What now?

Matthew Chatfield

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