photosynthesis at high CO2 conc.

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>I am carrying out an experiment about water stress in sclerophyllus
>plants (quercus coccifera and pistacia lentiscus). I would like study
>limitations at CO2 fixation level related with cell dehydration. For
>this purpose, I will measure photosynthesis with IRGA at normal CO2
>concentration and at 2000 ppm concentration. The reason for high
>concentration is because I think that at this concentration, CO2
>diffuses through cuticle and other leaf barriers when stomata are
>closed. And, I will able differentiate between limitations to
>photosynthesis due to stomatal closure or damage at photosynthetic
>machinery level because of cell dehydration. My question is if 2000
>ppm will be sufficient CO2 concentration to diffuses through cuticle
>when stomata are closed or I will need to use higher concentration?.
>Any comment will be gratefully received. Thanks in advanced.
I do not have any experince with the diffusion of CO2 through the
cuticle, but bear in mind that high concentrations of CO2 seem to have
a negative effect on photosynthesis. This was described as a
"narcotic" effect by Steeman-Nielsen in 1955 (E. Steeman-Nielsen:
Carbon dioxide as carbon source and narcotic in photosynthesis and
growth of _Chlorella pyrenoidosa_. Physiologia Plantarum 8: 317-335,
1955), and was found again by my self much later: S.L. Nielsen & K.
Sand-Jensen: Photosynthetic implications of heterophylly in
_Batrachium peltatum_ (Schrank) Presl. Aquatic Botany 44: 361-371,
1993. This effect (whose cause I am far from certain of) was found at
CO2 concentrations in excess of 1200 ppm.

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