Ragwort again

Howard Clase hclase at morgan.ucs.mun.ca
Mon Aug 24 07:41:45 EST 1998

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>Stephen Reynolds <stephen at wandlebury.demon.co.uk> wrote:
>>>Quite so. Herbicides as a method of Ragwort control are not really
>>acceptable as they are not selective. The best (though time consuming
>>and tedious) is to pull them up by the roots.
>I always thought so ( and have spent many hours doing so) but on
>reading the MAFF research report
>(http://www.maff.gov.uk/environ/EPDNEWS3/WILDMAN.HTM) indicated by
>David Brear above I found the following:
>Hand-pulling ineffective and may actually worsen situation. 

	Hand pulling seems to have worked in my garden over the years.  I
imagine it depends upon how much of the roots are left in the ground, it's
obviously easier to pull them up from garden soil than field ground where
animals have been compressing the soil.  Snapping the stems off at ground
level will stop the seeds from spreading, but I expect the plant will grow
again.  (It's a fairly common alien weed in the city of St John's and seems
to be spreading out into the nearby outports judging from our car window
survey over the weekend - but this is going to be the subject of another

	I usually put them into the compost.  I cannot see any harmful
effects from that.  Our only livestock, Tarragon the cat, doesn't seem to
eat much hay let alone compost!

	Howard Clase  (St John's, Newfoundland, Canada.)

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