What is this plant?

Monique Reed monique at bio.tamu.edu
Mon Aug 24 09:02:50 EST 1998

This sounds like Callicarpa americana, often known as Beautyberry in the 
southern U.S.  Have a look at the image for Callicarpa in Texas A&M's image 
gallery at:


Type in Callicarpa.

Hope this helps,

M. Reed
Texas A&M

]>My grandmother called this plant a violet jewel berry bush, but 
I'm>wondering if it has another name.  I have not been able to find 
this>particular plant in any of my books  and I would really like to know 
more>about it.  It's a bush with thin branches.  The one inch leaves are in 
pairs>and  slightly serrated.   Small bunches of green berries  develop at 
each>pair of leaves.  The berries turn purple in late summer.  This plant 
is>beautiful; I would like to know if some one else is familiar with it and 
if>it has another name.

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