Striga sp.

Ross Koning koning at ECSUC.CTSTATEU.EDU
Tue Aug 25 18:23:58 EST 1998

At 4:13 AM -0400 8/24/98, EVELYN MOELLER wrote:
>Somebody here who is working with Striga sp. ?
>I am interested in establishing an in-vitro culture system for Striga and
>to exchange some ideas about desinfection procedures and especially some
>practical tips for the handling of this super-tiny seeds (how to "sow"
>best onto filter disks/petri dishes an excactly number etc.)
>Please contact directly moellere at
>Dr. E. M. Moeller
>University Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany

Good Luck!

Here in the USA it is illegal to posess this weed
and even universities cannot conduct research on
this plant without especially "contained" growing
facilities...disposable clothing, special greenhouse
construction including "airlocks" and so on.  Our
government is quite tight about this plant.  ARGH.

I wanted to work with it, but alas only five places
in the US are approved to handle it.


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