Do any plants attract sand fleas?

Bruce and Ginger on1lake at
Sat Aug 29 14:00:35 EST 1998


Get a new exterminator! Sand fleas are small crustaceans that live at
the tidal zone, buried in sand. The do not fly. If this guy treated
with a chemical for fleas it won't do anything. The more probable
solution to the problem is to treat the brush with an appropriate
pesticide, like Cygon, and so rob the little devils of their nice
home. Or, perhaps easier, buy a screen.

bubsywub at (Bob Grabowski) wrote:

>My office is located on an oceanfront strip of land with a great deal
>of brush between the building and the ocean . Without air
>conditioning, I'm forced to open the window during the warmer months.
>I get a beautiful ocean breeze but my office is being overrun by tiny
>white, nearly microscopic insects that resemble specks of dandruff.
>The exterminator diagnosed them as sand fleas, but the chemical
>methods of controlling them aren't working.
>Luckily, my window has a large "cage" on the outside. Years ago when I
>had planted tomatoes, I recall planting marigolds between the tomato
>plants which successfully attracted the insects that would otherwise
>have attacked the tomato plants. I am hoping that there might be
>particular species of plants that would attract sand fleas so I can
>place them outside my window and keep the fleas outside of the office.
>Is there such a species of plant?

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