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> >I have seen a hell of a lot of ragwort this year. It seems to be all
> >over Norfolk and the Vale of York, both arable areas, of course. 
> There was also a lot more ragwort in Donegal than I remember when being
> there as a child.

Ragwort comes and goes. I have a moderate amount this year, but not
as much as I have had. I suspect that the above average amounts this
year are a result of several summers of drought preceeding this year,
which broke up the turf leaving cracks and dusty patches for
germination. Most such plants established over these years were
probably too short of water to flower, previously. Of course I speak
as someone from Essex, and it may be that drought, was not so severe
elsewhere as here, so I could be wrong.

I hope that the large amounts this year don't encourage too much
trimming of verges. These really are refuges for so many insects, and
feeding grounds for small birds.  

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