Plants as network medium?

Trig Theremin megalodon at
Sun Aug 30 19:00:15 EST 1998

Miguel Cruz wrote:

> A 4Hz signal could certainly reach long distances. However, it makes for
> incredibly low bandwidth. A long email message could take the better part of
> a day. And this is assuming you're the only person with their dandelions set
> to that particular frequency range.

If you implement this, make sure that spam is directed to the plants' roots as
an excellent manure substitute.

Also, why restrict yourself to limited binary/ASCII modes of expression? That
would be both slow and difficult to implement with plants. Instead, consider
"alternative" hippy-style protocols like:

The plant's flower opening up = email received indicating employment offer,
raise, AOL cancellation confirmed, etc.
Cute little bud shooting out = positive response to your rec.romance or
whatever posting.
Many little plants growing nearby = heated exchange of above.
Sour grapes = flame wars about linux vs. NT.
Wilting/falling leaves = Employment rejections, spam, etc.

I think this will be an exciting area of research in coming years.


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