Plant to deal with the loss of our cat

ase2 at Lehigh.EDU ase2 at Lehigh.EDU
Mon Dec 7 13:42:58 EST 1998

This is a rather odd request for info...

We have a cat which has cancer and she has a few weeks left. Our
family is very attached to her and as a way of dealing with her loss,
we thought of planting some plant (flower, small tree, etc) right on
top of where she will be buried. As everyone knows, nature constantly
recycles its members and this plant will be our cats "afterlife" for
us. We are hoping that we can keep taking the seeds of this plant and
have her live many more lives...

So, being someone who knows nothing about plants, I am looking for
advice to make a good selection. As I said earlier, this plant will
initially be outside, on our cat's grave (we can wait till spring to
plant for better weather). We are hoping to take its seeds and produce
future generations inside our house. The lifespan of this plant should
not be too short.

Thanks in advance for any help.

ase2 at

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