Plant to deal with the loss of our cat

Tony Travis ajt at
Tue Dec 8 09:00:39 EST 1998

Ali wrote:
> >We have a cat which has cancer and she has a few weeks left. Our
> >family is very attached to her and as a way of dealing with her loss,
> >we thought of planting some plant (flower, small tree, etc) right on
> >top of where she will be buried. As everyone knows, nature constantly
> >recycles its members and this plant will be our cats "afterlife" for
> >us. We are hoping that we can keep taking the seeds of this plant and
> >have her live many more lives...

Hello, Ali.

I've just read your message on bionet.plants - I'm a cat lover too: I
think it's a great idea. I buried one of my cats up on Dartmoor (South
west UK) after she was run over. I wanted a beautiful place to go and
think about her. I moved away many years ago and I've not been back, but
she is still there in my thoughts. I buried her where she would be
recycled into the wild plants on the moor.

> >So, being someone who knows nothing about plants, I am looking for
> >advice to make a good selection. As I said earlier, this plant will
> >initially be outside, on our cat's grave (we can wait till spring to
> >plant for better weather). We are hoping to take its seeds and produce
> >future generations inside our house. The lifespan of this plant should
> >not be too short.

Well, I suggest you plant a tree: A Rowan tree is small, beautiful and
is said to protect the area around it from evil because it harbours good
spirits - Perhaps, the spirit of your cat too?

Best wishes,

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