my fern is dying

Monique Reed monique at
Tue Dec 15 09:02:48 EST 1998

Most ferns do not like tap water and are at least a little salt-sensitive.  
Water your plant.  Is the water that comes out brown?  Too much salt.  Try 
distilled, deionized, or reverse-osmosis water instead.  Rainwater is usually 
all right if you can get it, unless you live in an acid-rain area.

Grooming the dead material will not hurt.  As for brown new shoots, it's 
important to distinguish between "dead brown" and "brown covered with little 
scaly leaves."  Many ferns have new shoots covered with protective, papery 
scales.  (Not to be confused with scale insects, which ferns get like crazy; 
those are little round dots or humps that are NOT in regular patterns on the 
undersides of the leaves.  Those are usually spores!)

Monique Reed

>Help! I have this big beautiful fern I don't know what type it is but it's
>not the regular type you hang it's much bigger than that. I had to buy one
>of those big pots you sit on the floor. anyway, I need some advice on how I
>can save it . the problem started when it started getting a little brown.
>then, I noticed that it was sitting in some pretty bad smelling water. my
>boyfriend told me when I first brought it home that he put holes in the
>bucket it was in, but I guess they were too small just like his brain is I
>think sometimes. I now have it near my big window in my livingroom. in fresh
>soil and yes bigger holes in the pot. I see new stems but the majority of
>them are brown. My mother says I need to take it out back and cut all the
>dead leaves off of it. will that work? I dont know, maybe it's just not the
>plant for me. Because all the other ones I have had meet untimely deaths as
>well. signed fern killer.

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