digging pits for planting cashew

David Parsons david.parsons at psianx1.demon.co.uk
Tue Feb 3 03:01:06 EST 1998

In article <01bd2fdb$667922c0$441136ca at george>, George Varkey
<tgeorgev at bom2.vsnl.net.in> writes
>hi ,
>       Do you know any machine or technique by which pits for planting trees 
>be dug on large scale ( about 1000 pits per day ) . A very green thanks .

>       George 

When we were doing some owrk for Maxworth Orchards I recommended a post
hole digger you can get them to 12" diameter, driven off the back of a
tractor PTO. I don't think you will find one available in India.

Make sure the model can rotate slowly to avoid smearing in clay soils.

David Parsons

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