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Thu Feb 5 15:02:46 EST 1998

The sixteenth annual Jasper Ridge Research Seminar will focus on:
Invasions and Extinctions at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve

The seminar will be held at 7:00  p.m.  Monday, February 9, 1998
Braun Lecture Hall, Mudd Chemistry Building, Stanford University


Jeff Dukes, Department of Biological Sciences, Stanford
University -- "Origins and impacts of Yellow starthistle"

Dr. Stuart Weiss, Center for Conservation Biology,
Stanford University -- "Cars, cows, and checkerspot butterflies"

Nathan Sanders, Department of Biological Sciences,
Stanford University -- "The Argentine ant invasion of
northern California:  Tiniest terror plaguing Jasper 
Ridge Biological Preserve?"

This seminar is sponsored by Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve of Stanford
University.  The speakers will present brief (ca. 20 minute) presentations
intended for a general audience.  The public is welcome!

phone:      650-723-1589
fax:        650-723-1580

Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve   
Stanford, California  94306-5020  
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