House plant gas absorbtion

Taxi0x0 taxi0x0 at
Thu Feb 5 17:36:28 EST 1998

Many plants have cuticles (sort of a waxy covering on their leaves) .  The wax
is made up of long chained hydrocarbons that are hydrophobic.    Many
pollutents are also hydrophobic, and they stick to the cuticle. leaving the air
a bit cleaner!!

As for where to find more articles about it, I don't know..  I'm sure if you
look for information on plant cuticles or plant secondary compunds you will
find something!

Best Regards!
-Rachel Williams

>Could anyone be so kind as to help me search down some information
>regarding the recent article i saw regarding house plants being used for
>absorption of toxic chemicals in the atmosphere.  For example spider
>plants, peace lily.
>Many Thanks

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