Information about vacuum infiltration and agrobacteria strains needed!!

DonHa Park danna at BIOLOGY.YONSEI.AC.KR
Sat Feb 7 03:53:18 EST 1998

Dear Netters!
I'm working on promoter analysis of a auxin-inducible gene from mungbean
and i want to transform my
constructs into arabidopsis(Columbia) by vacuum infiltration method.
I'm using LBA4404 strain and my vector is pBI121 which was purchased
from Clontech.
I've heard that LBA4404 is not good strain for infiltration.
I'm wondering which strain works well for infiltration.

I urgently need your help.
My e-mail adress is danna at
Good luck

DonHa Park
Department of Biology, Yonsei Univ.

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