Cigarette Smoke Effects On Plants?

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> When I was in high school my science project was to see the effects of cigs
> on plant growth.  The plants were kept in a terrarium type structure.  One
> terrarium had cig smoke blown in twice a day the other had just regular
> air.  Initially the plants receiving the tobacco smoke grew faster. 
> However, after a few weeks they stopped growing and the others grew larger
> and seemingly healthier.
> No hypothesis as to why just empirical evidence that concentrated smoke
> damaged the plants.
> Ken


  how long did this project go on for ?. I would imagine
  after a given time the plants receiving the smoke would
  catch up because the nicotine will kill any pests & bugs,
  at one time nicotine was used to kill pests, before it 
  replaced by more modern methods. just a thought.
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