C4 plants?

Oz Oz at upthorpe.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 13 18:17:37 EST 1998

In article <6c2e2t$3nu$1 at mark.ucdavis.edu>, Kitty <kcheng at ucdavis.edu>

>If pineapples are not C3 nor C4 plants . . . are they CAM plants?  It has to
>be one of the three I think.  CAM plants can temporarily separate their
>reactions.  They fix their carbon dioxide into malic acid at night.  Then
>during the day, the carbon dioxide is released from the malic acid and then
>fixed via the normal C3 route.

<Somewhat intoxilificated by a cuple botts good beaujolais>

Oh, the same one that cacti use. Neat. Actually, isn't this merely a
retarded version of c3 designed to conserve water by allowing the
stomata to be closed during the day, and open at night (to collect CO2)?

I must say I thought pineapples were related to rainforest ephiphytes
and I am surprised that they needed an H20 conserving pathway. Still, I
suppose it gets quite dry on a rainforest tree in the dry season.

Hic. Sorry.


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