mystic mystic at lcc.net
Mon Feb 16 04:30:26 EST 1998

AraJohn Patterson wrote:
> Any suggestions on having success with Jasmine plant.  I live in E.TN
> and would place it in S/E window.  Other hints?? thank you

What kind of jasmine?  True jasmine? The kind they call Arabian or
Sambac jasmine?  Confederate jasmine?  Nightblooming jasmine?  
I've grown all of the ones listed above, and they don't really do well
inside in the winter.  Keep your in a good-sized pot, and only bring it
inside if it's below 45 or so.  Otherwise, I'd keep it in a window where
it gets strong sunlight, mist it or keep it in high humidity, and water
it, in winter, just about twice a week -- just enough to keep it going. 
When summer comes, set the thing outside and water it once a day. 
Jasmine, even the ones that are just called jasmine, are heavy feeders,
and like a good balanced 13-13-13.

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