Harvesting Corn

Eric Grunden grunden at students.uiuc.edu
Tue Feb 17 17:25:02 EST 1998

BMed137 wrote:
> >I'm hoping someone can help with this?  How do you know when to harvest
> >>corn?


I guess it really depends on who you are and what you're doing.
If you are a;

	farmer - harvest when it dries down to a marketable moisture content

	plant pathologist - when it looks sickest

	vagabond - when the farmer isn't looking

	physiologist - when it looks like peak metabolic activity is occurring

	agronomy student - when it's doing what's needed to support your thesis

	gardener - when grain fill is complete and kernel sugars are high

	seed producer - before the fiscal quarter ends

	Mexican - when corn smut (a delicacy) is swollen but not burst

	taxonomist - when identifiable characteristics are developed

	economist - when it makes the most financial sense

	environmentalist - never, let it go free

	paleobotanist - a couple thousand years ago

	biotechnologist - when you've gotten it to produce nodules

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