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Scott McPhee hyphae at
Tue Feb 17 19:55:48 EST 1998

Is fixing up the Hall of Flowers on your agenda??! I hope so, it's really a
shame to such a wonderful fixture of the park to go to hell. Also,  is there
any validity to what I heard that last year some of the ideas from your
conference were to build wildlife corridors through parts of the city and
remove cars from some areas? I believe I read this in the Press Democrat. By
the way, wasn't Golden Gate Park a sand dune, along with the Presidio, some
of the most beautiful areas of the city?


Scott Mcphee

GStigall wrote in message <19980217220100.RAA27987 at>...
>You are invited to the Second Annual Ecological Restoration Conference –
>Saturday, February 28, 1998 - 8:30am to 1pm at the Randall Museum, 199
>Way, San Francisco.  Participation is FREE!
>Celebrate the successess of community-based ecological restoration projects
>and around San Francisco <ed.note - having attended last year, we found the
>information to be relevant for all areas, not just SF>.
>- Learn innovative restoration techniques & how to monitor your efforts
>- Find out how to inspire newcomers to become dedicated stewards
>- Network with other Bay Area restorationists
>Workshops are designed for both beginning & seasoned restorationists.
>To sign up, send name, address, phone & FAX/email to:
>Kristin Bowman
>SF Rec & Park Dept
>501 Stanyan Street
>McLaren Lodge
>San Francisco, CA 94117
>FAX 415-668-3330
>PHONE 415-831-2778
>Please register by Friday, February 20.  Participation is FREE – please
>distribute this info!
>Posted by:
>Georgia Stigall
>Native Habitats

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