Bromeliad and/or Dendrobium Orchid questions

Scott McPhee hyphae at
Fri Feb 20 02:42:10 EST 1998

There is an abundance of orchid culture on the internet. A good place to
start would be Vengers Orchids and the newsgroup
rec.gardens.orchids. I find these people are extremely helpful with any
questions you might have. Until you recieve more specific culture info, I
would keep it in a moderatly bright place (no direct sun) indoors where it
will stay room temperature.

Good luck,

Scott Mcphee

Dennis wrote in message <6cij8u$eu3 at>...
>   I recently received a Bromeliad, and a Dendrobium Orchid, both as gifts
>and have no idea how to care for either.
>    Can anyone help with the general care of these plants please?
>  Thanks

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