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>I have a Norfolk pine that has become to large for our house. What is the
>proper way to trim the top. Also can I use the trimmings to start another
>tree. Because we live in Syracuse it is not an option to move it outside.
>Thank you in advance for the answer.    NIKITA.


I got a number of emails from David Duetsch that were useful.
David Deutsch
Gondwana Gardens

And oops I lost the first one.  The gist of which was take lots of
cuttings(for some species David has had a 1:20 success rate), scarrify
the bottem (I'm not to sure on this one) and use bottem heat.  My
greenhouse is finally set up and I am in a position to try it.  I plan
to take lots of cuttings of the ends of branches, use rooting hormone
and see what my sucess rate is before I try with the crown.

The email that follows answers further questions I had.

Thanks again David

Mary Stoermer

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